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This web site presents you as a polished professional to potential cash investors so they finance your deals with confidence that their money is safe with you.

In turn, you get all the money you need to fund deals that other investors can never touch.

You can use hard money lenders or a line of credit for a quick buy. Unfortunately, these lenders usually come with a lot of conditions and can get expensive - eating into your profits. yes

When you have a solid flow of cheap private cash that you can turn to at a moment's notice, your profits will go up since you can close more deals as soon as they find them even with time limitations.

If you like it, it's funded.

Can you use conventional lending for a deal that involves creative financing (such as taking over payments) that could probably make you $100,000?

Most unlikely!

This is where "Cash Investors" or "Private Money Lenders" come in handy.

And you will need a special web site to attract these lenders - Web Site For Attracting Private Money Lenders.

This is a complete web site specifically designed for attracting private money investors to finance your deals. Obviously, you don't want to look sloppy to the very people who will finance your deals.

What Response Would You Expect If You Sent Potential Cash Investors To A Web Site For Attracting Motivated Sellers?

Chances are they will not express a lot of interest.

This web site presents you as a polished professional who is at the top of his game.

You come out as a successful business person who investors would not think twice to entrust their money with.

Your Web Site Builds A
Private Money Investors List

It's a known fact: People with money to invest are one of the most sought after groups. Have you ever noticed how big companies saturate the airwaves with ads for their investments?

Investors with money would LOVE to invest in real estate, if only they knew how profitable it is.

They can potentially make a huge return on their investment, generally more than they would make with other kinds of investment.

They will not have to pay outrageous fees to big companies with huge overheads to cover big advertising budgets that eat on their investments.

This Is Why Private Investors Will Love To Fund Your Deals

And your borrowing costs will be a fraction of what you'd pay a hard money lender or a conventional lender - and you make more money!

Not to mention, you are the first and the last word on which deals to fund - no more tough underwriting bank procedures that wash your best deals down the drain!

With private lenders you will

yes Save lots of money because private money is cheap!
yes Make more cash by closing deals other investors would never touch!
yes Close more deals - there are rarely any delays when you deal with private investors
yes You can borrow 100% of the purchase price!
yes You can defer payments until after you sell!

There's a catch, though:

You Must Present Yourself As A Polished Professional To Gain The Trust Of Cash Investors

If you look like you don't know what you are doing, you'll easily spook these investors. These investors are used to getting pitched by the "big boys", who are well trained and polished. You need to put your act together to win them.

Your Cash Investors web site has been professionally created with this end result in mind - get you money to finance your deals.

When you have an unlimited, unrestricted flow of cheap cash any time you want, you will be closing deals other investors can never touch.


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