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This real estate investor website presents you as an expert solution provider for motivated sellers with one goal in mind - buy their houses.

Simply put, it increases the efficiency with which you convert motivated sellers into closed deals and cash in the bank.

Yes Converts cold leads to motivated sellers
  Your website comes with free Ebooks that motivated sellers find valuable. Before they access them, they must provide their contact information.
  Blog The ebooks convince them to submit their house information to you
  Blog They automatically receive pre-loaded autoresponder follow-up messages to increase conversion
  Blog Launch squeeze pages and automate follow-ups for targeted marketing
Yes Establishes your credibility as a key player

This real estate investor website pre-educates motivated sellers and establish your authority as key player so they see you as the only polished professional that has unique solutions to their problems - and are ready to sell their house only to you  even before you talk to them!

Motivated sellers can have such difficult situations you must handle them with sensitivity - your web site does this for you.

Yes Delivers pre-screened and pre-negotiated deals

Your real estate investor website for buying houses delivers a constant flow of pre-screened and pre-negotiated motivated sellers at minimum cost.

When you do your marketing include two things in your marketing materials, phone number and web site address. If you do it right, you can expect to receive up to 50% of your leads through your web site.

This information is delivered to you instantly via email and logged in your web portal back office.

You also receive PDF and VCF (for outlook) versions by email and of the lead for easy management.

These leads contain all the information you need to determine if it's a deal or not - and move on to the next one, or make an offer without wasting time.

You can customize the seller signup form that your house sellers fill to collect as much or as little information as you need depending on your business model. You can choose which fields to activate/inactivate, and if to make them required or not.

You can collect as little or as much information as you want depending on your business model.

Yes Quickly Analyze Deals

Estimate Repairs, Market Value and Profit Potential

When a deal comes through, it will take you just a few minutes to estimate market value, repairs, profit potential, and maximum allowable offer.

You will quickly tell if it's a deal or no deal.

Ever got that nagging feeling you just offered too much for a deal? Yes, it can get costly...

Yes Generates Acceptable Offers

Once you know the fair market value of the property, cost of repairs and your maximum offer, your next step is to make and offer that gets accepted if it is a deal.

Once you draft your possible offers, a simple offer giving irresistible choices is pre-drafted for you so you spend as little time as possible making your offer.

You can make your offer on the phone, via email or fax, or even it and take it when you go to see the house.

Yes Complete Deal Management

Blog Automated reminders ensure you never miss a deadline

Blog Upload pictures and paperwork for easy management

Blog Manage transactions directly from your website



Easy To ConfigureEasy to configure

Configure any website to look and work exactly as you want it with a few clicks

Yes Buying Houses

Yes Selling Houses

Yes Wholesaling Houses

Yes Private Money Investors

Yes Other Business Models

Yes Combine All Models

Yes Comes integrated with Wordpress blog

Delivered Fully Configured
Usually within one hour.

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