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Targeted Squeeze Pages Squeeze pages for targeted marketing

Yes Launch unlimited squeeze pages any time you want

Yes You can use other domains so prospects land directly on the squeeze page when they go to the domain, e.g.

Yes Customize forms to capture contact information

Yes Automate follow-up autoresponder messages to increase conversion

Yes Easily create buyers lists

Yes Easily follow up with leads to convert them to motivated sellers

Yes Included with your website for free

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Squeeze Pages convert better than regular websites

Internet marketing must form part of a successful real estate investing business. In a world dominated by numerous offers and commercials, it is crucial to convert every web site visitor into a lead and ultimately into a closed deal.

Isolating each marketing campaign to a laser-targeted call to action is therefore mandatory to increase conversions and close more deals.

Squeeze pages enable you to launch a targeted marketing campaign with a single objective driven by a simple one page landing page that collects contact information for follow-up purposes.

Your real estate investor website comes with inbuilt squeeze pages

Whether you are buying houses, selling houses, attracting private money or most other real estate investing business models, there is a high-impact laser-targeted marketing landing page you can launch within a few minutes for your marketing campaign.

With the ability to automate timed, unlimited follow-up autoresponder messages, you can launch a targeted marketing campaign to a laser-targeted squeeze page and watch as your web site converts leads into closed deals hands off

Below are just a few examples of the squeeze pages available when you get your real estate investing web site and are not exhaustive of what we have.

Burned Landlord

Squeeze Page For Burned LandLord

Stop Foreclosure Dead On Its

Stop Foreclosure Dead On Its Tracks

Home Buyers

Squeeze Page Targeting Home Buyers

Foreclosure Listings

Foreclosure Listings

Motivated Sellers

Motivated Sellers

Stop Foreclosure

Stop Foreclosure

24-Hour Offer

24-Hour Offer

Handyman Special

Handyman Special

Private Money Investor

Private Money Lender

Problem Property

Squeeze Page Looking For Problem Properties

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