How to market properties for sale on real estate investing

Whether you are buying or selling houses, your real estate investing business must be driven by marketing and generating leads that either sell you houses or buy your houses.

This article focuses on marketing properties that you have for sale and how to reach out to potential buyers and sell your houses fast.

Of course, the main assumption when you are marketing is that you have prepared the house for sale. This may involve staging, general cleanup and presenting it in a way potential buyers will get interested.

You need to get a few things in place:

1)      Get a real estate investing website

You must have a stage for presenting your properties. A good real estate investing website serves this purpose.

From a good website, you can create description for the house, upload pictures, any documents such as disclosures, comparable sales, etc. You can also present video virtual tours if you have any.

Your real estate investor website acts as your staging platform for your properties. Check the end of this article for a good recommended website.

2)      Build a buyers list

A buyers list is a list of buyers who may be looking to buy houses where you buy and sell. Again, a good real estate investor website is necessary – it acts as the place to manage your buyers list and send out email messages to potential buyers.

3)      Target your market

You must have a geographical target market where to direct your marketing campaigns. Most likely you will want to target the immediate neighborhood more aggressively than places farther away.

4)      Humanize your marketing message

Do not describe your property like a thing. Describe its unique features and how they appeal to the needs of the buyer.

Highlight how these advantages help a potential buyer. Instead of saying located near a school or park, say something like “your kids can walk to the nearby elementary school or play in the nearby park”.

You must appeal to the emotional psychology of potential buyers by highlighting benefits rather than features.

5)      Target all marketing media

Some people read newspapers, others search on the internet.

Of course the first thing to do is to email the property to your buyers list! Your buyers list contains people who are looking to buy in your local area. Do not be surprised if you get your buyers here.

Make sure you post your property in all marketing websites you know, including places like Craigslist, Kijiji, etc.

Make sure not to forget social networking media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Target your local newspapers signs in front of your property, leaflets in your community bulletin boards, bandit signs if your city allows it.

And always make sure you send them to your website to view full property details. It is from your website that they get a chance to join your buyers list

6)      Review your marketing

Always have a way to determine the success or failure of your marketing and to change at a moment’s notice.

Remember marketing is a numbers game. Good luck selling your properties!

No matter what your real estate investing business model is, your real estate investing business can be more efficient so you spend less time, money and effort closing more deals. Learn how you can manage all aspects of real estate investing and automate your business from a real estate investor website that runs real estate investing.

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