How To Automate Real Estate Investing Tasks

One thing I  learned early in my real estate investing business is that unless I follow up, I get very little business. When I started investing in real estate, I used to send just one postcard to potential motivated sellers. The response was not always that great.

I then started sending 2 post cards 30 days apart. My calls (and deals) almost doubled  right away. Over time, I have polished  a  follow-up system that continuously delivers a constant stream of motivated sellers with little input from me.

These results are not typical – most people respond to a sales pitch after several contacts. It’s therefore necessary to have a follow-up system for your real estate investing business in place whether you market on the internet or offline.

1) Set up a real estate investing website
No matter whow you market, you must have advertise a phone number and a website address (URL). Before most people can do business with you, they will want to find out more about you. Since everyone has access to the internet, they start from your website.

Your real estate investing website must be simple, clean and must capture motivated sellers attention within a few seconds. Motivated sellers must be able to sign upand their information easily on your website.

Secondly, it must gask them for their name and email address. A valuable freebie (such as a free report)  will do the trick for you. From this point on, your automated follow up autoresponders will market for you hands-off.

A good real estate investing website must have inbuilt follow-up autoresponders that you can set up and forget. Autoresponders send fully personalized messages in times intervals automatically. You can set up a sequence of such messages to go out to potential motivated sellers for months.

Initially, I send them a nice friendly message every few days. I then space them to once a month. The idea is to make sure they remember me so a not so motivated seller will think about me when they become motivated sellers.

How do you make sure your motivated sellers go to your website?

I advertise a free report (one they must need) offered only on my real estate investing website. I also promise to respond within 24 hours if they submit their information on my website. My real estate investing website then takes up the role of convincing them to submit their information online.

2) Create a follow-up mechanism for direct mail
When I started following up, I simply set up my follow-ups manually. While this is not hard to do, you can use some cheap software in the market to follow up with direct mail.

Mine is set up real simple. My probate leads get a very friendly, personal letter once a month for 8 months. The reason is that the probate process can sometimes take time but you want them to keep you in their mind when it comes time to sell.

All my other leads get 2 postcards 30 days apart.

3) Follow up with a phone call
In both cases, I depend on the fact that if they sign up on my website, my follow-ups just became fully automated, hands-off and free. And if they do not submit their house information, I still have their information, and can follow up with a friendly phone call.

These 3 simple methods of automating follow-ups in your real estate investing business will deliver a lot of motivated sellers and closed deals if you implement it.

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