How To Select An Effective Real Estate Investor Website

You must have a good real estate investor website in order to run a successful real estate investing business. By a good website I mean it must add value to your business by making it more efficient and closing more deals using less time, money and effort.

What this means is that not just any website out there will work. The real estate investor website you choose for your business must meet certain criteria that are crucial to the success of any real estate investing business.

This article summarizes what you need to look for when shopping for a good website for your real estate investing business.

You are probably already confused if you have tried to shop for a good website for your real estate investing business. This guide will help you avoid pitfalls and choose the best website for your business.

When most people think of a website, they think of a beautiful web design. An effective website does a lot more than just how it looks.

You must therefore check what features your website has to help you build your business.

So what makes a good website?
In short, a good website must:

a) Attract leads
Attracting leads is a primary purpose of a good website. This means a good website should bring you extra business. Of course the more leads your website attracts, the more business you get.

With a good website, you do not have to spend more money to attract leads.

Today, almost everyone starts looking for information through the internet, primarily the search engines. It follows that when they are looking for the kind of services you offer, if your website is among the first they find on the search engines, you are most likely to earn their business.

Your website must therefore be optimized for search engines. The good thing about this is that you can keep getting leads for years with no further input from you.

How do you tell that your website is well optimized for search engines?
This is a question best answered by your real estate investor website vendor. In some cases, some companies will offer aggressive search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is a process that has to be done carefully by someone who knows what they are doing. You must be 100% compliant with search engine recommendations. Do not fall into the trap of hiring companies that try to trick search engines to get you good rankings. Your website could end up disappearing from search results.

When shopping for a good real estate investor website, you must have this requirement in mind and work to make sure that people can find you on the internet. The goal should get to the top of search results.

The higher you are on the search engine results, the more people you attract to your website, and the more business you can close.

b) Command instant attention to visitors
When someone lands on your website, what happens next? You will lose your visitor if you do not capture their attention within 20 seconds.

It follows that your website must instantly command attention to your visitors without being aggressive. This means that it provides value and information your visitor needs. This value must be easily accessible to visitors.

An effective website that captures attention must have the following:
i) Speaking model – A friendly, real, lifelike model that appears instantly and introduces your services is unmatched.

A good speaking model must not be aggressive, must be friendly and convince your visitors within 30 seconds.

Make sure your real estate investing website comes equipped with a speaking model.

ii) Ebooks – Most people love free information that addresses their needs. Free Ebooks instantly boost their interest once they land on your website.

The Ebooks need to deliver helpful information and also convince them that you are the best person to fulfill their needs.

For example if they are looking to sell their house, the Ebooks should leave them with no doubt that you are the best person to buy their house.

An effective Ebook also needs to be fully personalized with your name and company to increase credibility.

iii) Squeeze pages – a squeeze page is meant to request for a visitor’s contact information in order for them to receive a free gift, such as an Ebook.

You should make sure you get visitors contact information when giving away Ebooks. Then you can easily follow up with them to close more deals.

Even better, your website should be able to follow up with the leads for you hands-free. This is discussed in more detail below.

Your real estate investor website must also be equipped with a variety of squeeze pages that you can launch at any time. The website must provide the ability to fully customize and personalize these squeeze pages to suit your marketing campaigns.

iv) Call to action
A prominent call to action is a must for a direct response website. In other words, what do you want your visitors to do once they get to your website.

Maybe they need to sign up (e.g. for an Ebook), submit their house information if they are looking to sell their house, call you, and so on.

Your website for real estate investing must offer a prominent call to action to website visitors at every opportunity.

The content must be arranged with this in mind so that wherever a visitor is on your website, they are only a click away from taking action.

This element alone can make a huge difference in the response you get through your real estate investor website.

c) Be integrated with marketing features to convert leads to closed deals
An effective real estate investor website must be equipped to automatically convert leads to closed real estate deals.

i) Integrated autoresponders – your website must have in-built autoresponders, preferably with pre-loaded messages.

This means that when someone visits your website and signs up, they will start getting carefully written email messages sent at carefully pre-timed intervals. These messages must provide value to the prospects, and still have strong call to action to close more deals.

Follow-up messages increase rapport and lead to more closed deals.

ii) Ability to create autoresponders – sometimes you need to create a marketing campaign from scratch.

Let’s say you are targeting local foreclosures for example. You launch a squeeze page for this purpose, and create follow-up email messages directly from your website’s virtual back office. When you launch your marketing campaign and send people to this squeeze page, the website takes care of marketing for you to convert these visitors to closed deals.

Your website must be created with the ability to create forms and autoresponders as you need them.

d) Be designed effectively and tell your story
A good real estate investor website must tell your story for you. When someone lands on your website, they should quickly be able to get all the information they need without digging for it.

Since most people start their research on the internet, your website must be created to be the first line of contact between you and your potential clients.

By the time a motivated seller, or house buyer or any other person calls you, they should already know how you work.

A good real estate investor website must constantly deliver fully pre-screened and pre-negotiated deals for you.

e) Make your work easier
A new real estate investor website should not create a new job for you. The website must make your work easier, not add extra work. For this your website must meet a few basic functions:

i) Virtual back office
A good real estate investing web site should be controlled from a virtual back office. It must be easy to operate, even if you are new to computers.

This means you should not have prior knowledge of websites, the internet, HTML, programming, and all that kind of stuff.

Secondly, the website must have all the tools necessary to control all aspects of real estate investing. It should make handy all the tools you need every day, such as calculators, comparable sales, rehab estimators, deal analyzers and so on.

In other words, you should be able to run your entire real estate investing business from the virtual back office.

ii) Buying houses
Buying houses is a major ingredient in real estate investing. This means that your real estate investing website must be fully equipped with all the tools to make this goal easy.

Your website must pre-educate motivated sellers how you buy houses and convince them that you are the best person to sell their house. It must provide helpful resource materials such as Ebooks and pre-loaded email marketing campaigns that they find useful. This helps build rapport and increase conversion to closed real estate deals.

When prospects sign up, the deals should come fully pre-screened and pre-negotiated so it takes you only a few minutes to decide if to pursue the deal or not.

Of course, you should be able to analyze deals directly from your back office and make offer directly.

iii) Selling houses
Likewise, your real estate investor website must be equipped with tools for you to sell your houses easily.

The website must allow you to
– List houses along with all details like descriptions, repairs, etc
– Upload unlimited pictures
– Include virtual tours
– Build buyers lists automatically as people view your houses – this immensely helps in selling houses fast
– Incorporate selling houses with social media to get the word out to as many people as possible to sell your houses faster

iv) Automate tasks
There are many little things that can take up your time, leaving not time to grow your business.

Your website must be fully automated, so that it automatically performs those repetitive tasks for you. You can therefore spend less time money and effort with this extra free time.

Of course, your website must be incorporated with in-built follow-up autoresponders and reminders among other automation features.

f) Be easy to adapt to suit your exact needs
Make sure your real estate investing website can adapt to suit any real estate investing needs.

This means whenever your business model changes, you can simply adapt your website to suit the new needs.

Real estate investing business needs change all the time. You are likely to change your real estate investing needs several times. It should be necessary to buy new website every time you change your mind.

Ultimately, a good real estate investor website should make your work easy and fun, and allow you to close more deals while spending less time, money and effort.

Any successful real estate investing business must be backed by a good real estate investor website that runs all aspects of real estate investing while making the work easier and fun, and closing more deals using less time, money and effort. Learn how an interactive, automated real estate investor website can help you achieve this goal.

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