How To Improve Conversion From Real Estate Website Visitor Statistics

A real estate investor website is a necessary tool for any real estate investing business. By  analyzing statistics of your website visitors, you are able to maximize conversions and close more deals.

This article covers what you need to know to have your real estate investor work for you so you close more deals with less time, money and effort.

How to track website traffic
You must track your website visitors if you have a website. Google offers the best tracking tool on the market.

If you do not have a Google account, open one. Search for Google Analytics and follow the prompts. They generate a code which you put on every page on your website.

If you have a good real estate investor website, you just need to save this code in one place and it tracks your entire website.

Parameters provided by Google Analytics
Google shows you the types of visitors to your website. Almost all parameters you can think of are covered by Google Analytics. They present all the information nice and easy to understand with graphs.

i) Unique Visitors – unique visitors in a given time period

ii) Repeat Visitors – people coming back to your website. Approximately 30% of website visitors are expected to be repeat visitors.

iii) Pages visited – most visitors visit the home page more than other pages. If you find people visit other pages more, you probably bury important information in inner pages. You might need to make sure most of the information a visitor needs can be found on the home page.

iv) Length of visit – This tells you how your website engages visitors. An effective website should instantly capture visitor attention, keep them engaged and convert them to closed deals.

If visitors do not stay at least 5 minutes, you might need to make your website more engaging to increase conversions.

You need a good real estate investor website loaded with video, such as speaking models that capture instant attention and direct response content to address this need.

v) Referring URLs – this tells you where your visitors are coming from. This is important to maximize your advertising dollar where you get the most conversion.

vi) Keywords – this tells you which keywords are most important for your business. You can then tweak your search engine optimization to target these keywords.

vii) Geographical region – obviously in real estate investing, you target a certain geographical area. This information shows you which areas send you visitors so you can assess any need for change.

viii) Number of pages visited – you also get to learn where they exit your website from. If they exit before they are converted, you might need to make some changes.

All this information helps you tweak your website to make it more effective. Be sure not to make hasty changes unless you are sure they reflect general trends. Sometimes, factors not related to your website may affect traffic to your website.

Ultimately, statistics on your real estate investor website allow you to make important changes so you concentrate on strategies that work for you making more profits.

A good website for real estate investing is crucial to successful business, especially one that is integrated with tracking capabilities for visitors and equipped with direct response content that constantly engages and converts visitors. Particularly important too is ability attract visitors through effective search engine optimization so it constantly delivers closed deals with little input from you.

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