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Website for real estate investing

A website is one of the most basic necessities of any business – including real estate investing. A good website must serve to increase your profits, and be easy to run without being a computer geek. Unless you do some proper home work, you could find yourself in an expensive venture that does not serve your real estate investing business well.

The following are golden rules you must follow when shopping for a real estate investor web site.

1: Privacy
A good website must give you full control of your real estate investor web site. The web site must belong to you. You must be able to host it wherever you want with no limitations so you gain full control of the website and its data. If the company provides hosting, then capability to control the hosting account and your web site is a must.

Avoid companies that sign you up for a free trial followed by a monthly fee to access your subscription. If the website cannot run outside their server, be careful. The reality is they own your website for a monthly fee.

2) The web site must be database-driven
A good real estate investor web site must save all information into an in-built database so you can have unlimited access to it at any time, and manipulate it any way you want, such as sending email, importing and exporting data, etc.

For example if you target motivated sellers, they must be able to submit all their house information from your real estate investor web site with no limitations.

If you are selling houses, then your real estate investor web site must allow prospective buyers to sign up to your buyers list.

Whenever someone signs up, you must receive the information by email, and get it logged in the database.

3) It must be interactive
A good website must interact with visitors; this is a basic requirement of any modern website.

This allows you to collect any information from your visitors such as motivated sellers, house buyers, and so on.

Likewise, apart from motivated sellers submitting their house information, they must be able to leave testimonials, a crucial element to successful real estate investing.
A modern real estate investor web site also needs to be web 2.0 enabled. Especially, it should allow you to share houses on social media web sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and others.

Even if you do not use social media, your visitors will be able to share your properties with their friends on social media, exposing you to wide audience and more profits. Most real estate investors today use social media.

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4) It must be simple, well designed and informative
Obviously you want your real estate investor web site to look unique, not like every other website out there. The web site you buy should offer a big selection of designs to choose from and the ability to customize the designs to suit your real estate investing needs.

You must be able to fully brand your website including a logo if you need to. Any design you want must be accessible to you at no extra charge.

Equally important, you do not want your visitors going through a maze to find out how you do business. A good real estate investor web site must be simple and informative enough for motivated sellers to submit their information on the web site instead of making a phone call thereby pre-screening and pre-negotiating deals for you.

The website must convert visitors such as pre-educate motivated sellers to see you as the best person to buy their house. It must convince them to submit their information right there instead of making a phone call saving you lots of time.

When selling houses, they must be presented in such a way that potential buyers can tell if the deal works for them or not within a few minutes.

5) It must be optimized for search engines
It must be easy for motivated sellers to find you on the internet. This also goes for people looking to buy your houses or other prospects that you target. It is therefore crucial that your real estate investor website is well optimized for search engines.

Targeting your local market on the search engines is especially important if you buy and sell properties in your local market.

6) It must be easy to maintain
Most real estate investors are not computer geeks. A good real estate investing web site should be easy to manage and run. Preferably, the website should be controlled from an admin panel or a virtual back office. The front end should completely free of maintenance.

7) The web site must be easily adaptable and flexible
One size fits all does not apply to real estate investing. Business models in real estate investing are varied, so your website should be easily adaptable to meet those needs.

The website should allow you to create new pages, add or edit content, as well as forms that allow you to collect any information you need.

You should be able to change your business model easily, or switch designs without making major changes.
Sometimes you might be doing other things on the side, sich as being a Realtor, mortgage broker etc. Your real estate investing web site should be adaptable enough to accommodate whatever you want.

8) It should offer automation capability
Automation is an essential necessity for marketing on the internet and making the running of your business easier.

A good real estate investors web site must allow you to create unlimited follow-up autoresponders to manage email campaigns for your motivated sellers, buyers lists or any other lists you manage on your web site.

You can for example set up a Thank You message to motivated sellers so once they submit their information they receive an email that says something like Thank you for your enquiry. We will get in touch with you within 24 hours or something like that.

Similarly, you should be able to create automated reminders to remind you of any important events on your real estate investing business. Your busy schedule should not get in the way of important follow-ups so crucial to successful real estate investing.

9) It must be loaded with marketing tools
A good real estate investing web site must attract visitors and convert them to closed real estate deals for you. It must come loaded with tools that attract leads to the website, then convert them to prospects and eventually to closed deals.

A good website must be loaded with the following marketing tools:

i) Video speaking models – you must captures the attention of a website visitor within 20 seconds or you lose them for ever. A video speaking model must capture instant attention, be natural, kind and friendly, and offer a message that appeals to the website visitor. It should also offer a compelling reason for website visitors to take action, such as signing up.

ii) Ebooks – A good real estate investing web site must have informative Ebooks. The Ebooks must be fully personalized with you as the author. For a visitor to get access to the Ebook, they must sign up so you get the opportunity for automated marketing.

iii) Squeeze pages – A squeeze page compels visitors to sign up in order to receive a free gist such as an Ebook. It must be designed so that the visitor is left with no other choice but to provide his contact information. Use of video and speaking models is a must for good squeeze pages, and it must offer a variety of squeeze pages to suit different business models.

iv) Follow-up autoresponders – A good real estate investing web site must come with in-built autoresponders and pre-loaded messages at carefully pre-timed intervals. This means that your website will do the marketing for you.

10) It must be affordable
Unfortunately, most real estate investing web site come with a hefty price tag. Either you are stuck with a big monthly fee or a hefty upfront fee.

The real estate investor web site you choose must not offer these constraints; otherwise it quickly becomes a liability instead of than an asset for your real estate investing business.

The web site must allow you to install it and run it from any web hosting account you choose.

11) It must offer free lifetime support and upgrades
Support and upgrades are a must for a real estate investing web site, preferably free.

If a web site charges for everything they do for you, run the other way. Free support must be a necessary part of any real estate investing business.

These tips will help you shop for a good real estate investing web site. There are many other minor things but if you abide by these basic rules, you should be happy with the web site you get.

In one sentence, the real estate investor web site you choose must make your business fun and simple to run.

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