How To Gain Visibility And Attract Leads In Real Estate Investing

Once you have your real estate investor website up and running, the next step is to make sure it  actively attracts leads for you, and converts them to closed deals. Sadly, when most people get a website, they do not do any marketing at all, and assume the business will start flowing.

You must market your website to attract leads and bring you more business. In this article, we discuss how your real estate investor website helps attract and convert leads for you hands off.

1)      Tools to convert leads

A good website for real estate investing must be well equipped so that once a visitor lands on the website, it takes over and converts that visitor to a prospect, and actively engages them. The ultimate goal is to convert every visitor to a closed real estate transaction.

Here are a few features that must form part of your website marketing tools:

i)  Speaking models

Talking real estate investor websites

Websites equipped with speaking models

Once a visitor lands on your website, you only have 20 seconds to capture his attention or lose them for ever.

Speaking models are life-like people on interactive real estate investor websites that welcome the visitors with a friendly down to earth message that engages the visitor instantly  and captures their attention.

Of course the speaking models must convey a message that interests the visitor and deliver a clear call to action message that leads to a specific action, such as signing up or submitting their house information.

The end result is that the visitor is converted to a prospect for future follow-up and hopefully a closed real estate deal.

ii) Landing pages / Squeeze pages

A good real estate investing website must come equipped with landing pages, popularly known as squeeze pages.

Squeeze pages collect contact information in exchange for a free gift, such as a free report or an E-book.

To make them more effective, interactive real estate investing websites also come with speaking models and video on some of these squeeze pages.

iii) E-books

E-books offer information that website visitors need. Your website must come equipped with these resources. Preferably, the E-books must come fully personalized with your company name with you as the author to increase credibility.

The website, or the squeeze pages, will collect contact information such as name and email before they can get the E-book for future follow-up purposes.

iv)  Inbuilt autoresponders

Once visitors sign up on the website, inbuilt autoresponders then take charge. The  visitors start receiving helpful email messages at carefully timed intervals. These email messages are fully personalized with the visitors name to boost their response.

These messages are created to build rapport with your visitors as well as prompt them to take the next step, such as give you a call or submit their house information to you if they are selling their house.

By the time they get to talk to you, you are already an old friend to them and they are ready to close the deal.

v) Videos

Most people prefer to watch video instead of reading. Your website must come equipped with the best of both worlds that caters for both people who like to read or watch video.

vi) Buyers lists

When you are selling your houses, your buyers lists are invaluable in selling fast. Your website must come equipped with inbuilt buyers lists and allow people to join your buyers lists as they view your properties.

Whenever you have a property for sale, you just need to send a brochure to your buyers list from your website’s virtual back office, and hopefully get a seller the same day.

vii) Social media

These days, almost everyone interacts in the social media. This is why your website must come fully equipped with tools for visitors to interact with their friends directly from your real estate investor website.

When they are viewing properties you have for sale, they can like them or recommend them to their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social media.

They can also comment directly on your website through the social media. These actions are seen by their friends in the social media, exponentially marketing your services leading to more closed deals.

2)      Search engine optimization

The purpose of search engine optimization is to position your website favorably in the search engines in comparison with your competitors.

Search engines rank more relevant and popular content higher than other content. The website you get for your real estate investing business therefore needs to have these two elements carefully integrated:

i) Relevance

When search engines index a web page, they can tell the type of content you have on the website.

They do this by weighing the keywords on the website. Your website therefore must have each page carefully optimized for the keywords that you target.

The keywords must be represented in the Title and Description in the meta tags, as well as in the content. Note that while the content has been optimized for search engines, it must be created for the human eye in mind.

This way, each page is fully equipped targeting specific keywords.

Interactive websites for real estate investing are delivered fully optimized targeting your local market. This way, it attracts business right in your home turf where you buy and sell houses.

ii)   Popularity

Search engines consider websites with a lot of back links to be more popular, and they rank them higher than other websites.

This means that if you can build quality links from high quality popular websites, then you will rank better than competition. Search engines like to see links relevant, quality content from websites with a good reputation.

You must therefore be careful how you build your back links so as not to be penalized.

Just a year or so ago, you could be number one in the search engines within a week because you could potentially create thousands of back links to your websites. If you try that today, you will get blacklisted for spamming the search engines.

Interactive real estate investor websites also offer optional search engine optimization services that you can use for more visibility in the search engines.

3)      Offline marketing

Whenever you are sending out your letters and post cards, do not forget to include your website address. Your website serves to convert all visitors to closed deals, including the ones you attract with your offline marketing.

Let your website do the job of converting all the leads for you and enjoy more profits by closing more deals while spending less time, money and effort.

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