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These real estate investor websites were founded more like an accident. That’s right – it was not initially a website business model! It came as a result of necessity to serve the real estate investing community with an affordable, quality product.

When we started investing in real estate, I looked for website companies so I could buy a website for my business. I was disappointed with all the investor websites I found on the market and instructed my developer to build one for my business with some core important features I consider a must for any successful website – automation, adaptability, ease of use and easily upgradable.

I used this website until an investor friend saw it and was so amazed he asked if I could sell a copy to him. Other investors would love to have a product like this for their business!

This is how we started adapting it for sale to other investors and released the first version in February 2009, after being tested for 6 years.

The sustained excitement with which the websites were received on the market that continues every single day has made our resolve to remain on the cutting edge of technology providing the best websites for real estate investing.

Since then some type of upgrade is always going on almost every day building new features and improving existing features keeping with growing demand and changing internet and real estate trends.

We have been investing in real estate since 2003 closing most types of transactions in single family houses – short sales, lease options, land trusts, wholesaling, etc. This is the same website I use for my real estate investing business.

The website are so easy to support that we offer a lifetime free support and upgrade.

If you are serious about growing your business, go with the Pros and sustain a huge edge over your competition.

If you choose to host your website with us, you are fully taken care of – I have been in the web hosting business since 2000. Our servers are located in a rock solid facility in Irving Texas built as a data center from the ground up.

When you host your website with us, you can be assured of at least 99.5% uptime guarantee.

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