Close more deals doing less by automating your real estate investing business. Play the video to see how

Increase response with interactive, results-oriented video speaking real estate investor websites (See This Example)
Make more money doing less with automated marketing using inbuilt unlimited follow-up auto-responders
Completely adaptable to most real estate investing business models. Free Customization
140+ customizable designs with optional flash; regular free updates
Convert more leads into closed deals with inbuilt unlimited Squeeze Pages
Manage content, pages, create custom forms and mailing lists - even if you are new to computers
Affordable one-time purchase, own it for life - No expensive subscriptions - Special Promotion: $295

Powerful, Unique Real Estate Investing Websites - More Closed Deals

Affordable One-Time Purchase, Own It For Life

Once you buy your website, it is yours for life along with the software that runs it, no matter where you are hosted with free lifetime support and upgrades.

Do not fall into the trap of monthly subscriptions for template hosting services that offer “real estate investing web sites” for a monthly fee. Even though they will market their services with hosting included, those websites cannot run outside their server - you have no other choice.

In reality, you sign up with them, pay a monthly fee, but they own your web site. The minute you stop paying the monthly fee, your web site will stop working or be deleted altogether – along with your business.

And of course if they run out of business, you will go down with them.

Once you get your website with us, you can host it with us for a low yearly fee, or with your current host if you already have a website. See hosting requirements.

In future if you want to move to another web hosting company, then simply transfer your web site along with all your data and continue doing business.

Or if you want to take a break from real estate investing and start again a few months or even years later, then just re-install your web site and move on with your business. You will only need a hosting account.

Or if your business model changes in future, you do not have to buy a new website; just adapt the web site you have and continue doing business.

Each Website Comes With A Video Talking "Life-Like" Model

Personal Touch Increases Conversions - More Closed Deals

A real life-like person speaking on your website adds credibility and believability of your sales message leading to more closed deals.

The speaking model delivers a powerful message designed to offer a believable solution to your website visitors needs in just a few seconds.

It takes only 20 seconds to capture the attention of a website visitor, or they leave for ever.

This is why you must have a speaking model on your real estate investing website.

It comes activated by default on your website for buying houses for FREE.

You can turn off the speaking model with one click if you want.

Check 1st example | Check 2nd example

Fully Adaptable To Suit Your Business Model

Each real estate investing website is fully adaptable to suit your business model. You determine what you want to do with it and configure it to do exactly what you want.

Use Just One Website For Everything, Or Buy More Than One

You can configure it with a few clicks from your back office to adapt to your current business model whether you:

Buy Houses
A website that pre-educates motivated sellers so they see only you as a polished professional with solutions to their problems and delivers pre-screened and pre-negotiated motivated sellers and leads of people that want to sell houses but need follow-up.

Sell Houses
A website designed, equipped and laid out to sell houses fast. Quickly and professionally list houses you have for sale including pictures, videos and documents and build a buyers list in the process.

Attract Private Money
Convinces private money investors that their money is safely invested in your deals - and you get cheap, easily accessible cash to invest in your business.

Wholesale / Flip Houses
A real estate investing web site equipped just for flipping houses with all features you'd ever need for successful wholesaling.

Any Other Business Model
The ability to create pages, forms to collect any information and save it to the database and ability to customize navigation menus enables you to adapt the website for any other business models easily.

You can use one website for all your business needs - buying houses, selling houses, wholesaling houses, seeking private money or anything else you do!

Or you can chose to buy separate websites for each of your business models (Most popular option).

Fully Manages All Your Real Estate Investing Business Needs

Whether you buy or sell houses, your website becomes a virtual office where you can control all aspects of your real estate investing business.

Google map with street view shows it like it is
You can tell where it is located and how it looks like even before you see it!

You can tell if you like the neighborhood - you don't want to buy properties in a war zone, do you?
Estimate market value, repairs and how much to offer

The information you receive as well as the inbuilt analysis tools ensure you make an offer that gets accepted and makes you a profit directly from the website

Control the full buying , short sales, or closing your deals
Control selling houses, wholesaling, renting, or even lease to own (rent to own)
Manage any paperwork, pictures, reference notes or any automated reminders important to the deal



Converts Cold Leads To Closed Deals With Email Marketing And Inbuilt Autoresponders

Each real estate investing website comes with in-built unlimited follow-up auto-responders and mailing list capabilities - no need to spend more money paying for auto-responder services to manage your buyers lists, or any other lists that you manage.

Auto-responders give you the ability to send fully personalized messages at pre-set time intervals all hands-off. So your marketing is more effective without spending extra time.


  • When a prospective buyer submits their information, instantly tell them you have received their information and that you'll contact them as soon as you get a house that fits their needs. Then follow up 2 days later with instructions about how to prepare for their new purchase.

You can create and set up unlimited autoresponders for any marketing campaigns and manage email marketing campaigns directly from your website to convert leads into closed deals.

Automated Reminders


On every seller, property, or person, you can log unlimited notes for future reference.

Each note can be set into an automated reminder sent on the day of your choice.


  • Say John buys a wholesale property you have for sale (123 Main Street) in a partnership deal. You need to follow up in 3 days to make sure the funds have been wired to the title company to close in time. You can log a reminder note on 123 Main Street so you are reminded at 7am 3 days from today.

Automated reminders are necessary for your success so your busy schedule never compromises crucial follow-up so essential to closing deals efficiently.

Increases the efficiency with which you communicate with leads, follow up with them (automatically) and convert them from cold leads to closed deals
Eliminates missed opportunities associated with forgetting important follow-ups and events
Close more deals using less time, money and effort
Saves you money - No need to buy separate autoresponder accounts for your marketing. This can cost hundreds of dollars a year
  Play the video below







Inbuilt Free Ebooks & Pre-Loaded Autoresponder Messages To Convert Cold Leads To Closed Deals
Free Ebooks and Follow-up messages establish your credibility with motivated sellers - and they trust only you to sell their house to.

Your website comes pre-loaded with Free Ebooks you can offer to your leads in exchange for their contact information.

  • How To Stop Foreclosure
  • How To Sell Your House For Cash In 7 Days Or Less

These ebooks convince them that you are the best person to sell their house to - and submit their full house information to you.

The system then automatically follows up with them over the next few days with pre-loaded messages to convert more leads to closed deals.

Converts people that are sitting on the fence to real sellers - so they are ready to do business with you
Eliminates cold calling - the Ebooks and follow-up emails convince them to submit their information on your website
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Inbuilt Squeeze Pages - Increase Conversion With Targeted Marketing

High-Impact, Laser-Targeted Squeeze PagesIsolating each marketing campaign to a laser-targeted call to action is mandatory to increasing conversions and closing more deals.

Your real estate investor website comes pre-loaded with squeeze pages you can launch at any time.

You can use squeeze pages for:

Squeeze Pages Direct marketing campaigns - direct mail, TV, radio, newspaper, signs, etc

Squeeze Pages Pay Per Click campaigns and search engine marketing especially on Google, Yahoo and Bing

Squeeze Pages Have a squeeze page as your home page!

Squeeze Pages Sign up potential buyers to your buyers list before they can view property details

A squeeze page collects contact information (e.g. name and email) in exchange for a gift e.g. free report

You then follow up with them automatically using the in-built follow-up auto-responders to convert them to closed deals.

Each website is pre-loaded with these powerful squeeze pages so you can launch them any time you want.

Squeeze pages have a higher conversion than regular websites - your targeted marketing yields more closed deals
You can launch as many squeeze pages as you want; there are no limits
You can even point a domain to a squeeze page so that when they go to “”, they land straight on your squeeze page
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Easily Change Designs & Content - Even If You Are New To Computers

You will find it hard to settle on one design (they are all good). You do not even have have to select designs before you order - your website will have all of them!

And you have full control of all the content of the website - it's more like making changes on a Microsoft Word document. You can do it!

Flexible designs with animated flash options
Each website comes pre-loaded with 137+ commanding and breath-taking designs loaded into it, with a presence and message that delivers action
Switch to any design with a single click. The content remains unchanged even when you change designs
Easily edit content
The website comes with a content editor that works more like Microsoft word - easy to use, change and format content as you wish
Upload pictures, video and audio
You can upload and insert pictures, video and audio to your pages as you add or edit content, or add video from external sources like Youtube, Google Video, Screencast, Yahoo Videos, etc
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Create Custom Forms, New Pages And Customize Navigation Menus

This allows you to customize your website to look exactly the way you want and do exactly what you want.

Create custom forms to collect ANY information
Every time someone fills your form, you will get an email (if you choose to) and all the information is logged on your web site.

You can set up Autoresponder Marketing Messages for each form (mailing lists), import new leads into the mailing list, or export backups to your computer or email your leads as you need.

Create New Pages - Add Any Content & Forms
You can create additional pages as you need and add content and forms as necessary and put them in the navigation menu or not.
Customize Navigation Menus
Navigation menus are links that people click on in your website to move from page to page.

You have full control all navigation menus on your website including the wording, arrangement in relation to each other, links, etc.




Attracts Business Through Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Your website will be fully optimized for search engines targeting your local market - where you do business. This on-site search engine optimization means that we have paid extra attention when creating your website to make sure we follow the latest search engine guidelines, and it also comes equipped with automated tools for building back links to your website. As a result, the designs and content remain friendly to search engines and attract business for you.

We do recommend you also get aggressive off-site search engine optimization to build quality, one-way links to your website. The more back links you build, the more popular search engines consider your website to be, and the higher they rank your website in relation to others. This could mean lots of extra continuous business for years to come with no further input from you.

People find you in your local market
Potential leads are more likely to find you in your local market - right where you do business. You website is configured for that.
Integrated Wordpress blog notifies search engines whenever you post fresh content so they come and index the content.

It also automatically builds back links to your website boosting search engine rankings so clients can easily find you on the internet.

Dominate Local Search Results
This report will walk you through how to dominate Google, Bing and Yahoo local search listings.

This alone is likely to bring you lots of leads.
  Play the video below





Fully Optimized Wordpress Blog & Web 2.0 Features Bonus

Content is king. Google and other search engines LOVE new content. Adding fresh content to your real estate investing website invites favorable placement by search engines.

When you get your real estate investing website, it comes integrated with a Wordpress blog, with hundreds of themes. You can match the design you choose for your real estate investor website to a theme on your blog so it looks like the rest of your website, and fully optimized for search engines free!

If you are not familiar with Wordpress, it's the most popular blogging software you can use to write articles or any other fresh content on your website. This bonus alone can bring you lots of free traffic (and deals) from the internet.

We will deliver it fully optimized for search engines, ready to go.

Wordpress Blog Fully Optimized For Search Engines
Every time you post a new page or article, your blog automatically notify Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask about the new fresh content and submits an xml sitemap to them.

When you invite search engines like this, they will visit and index your website, typically within a few hours

Every time you add new content, your blog automatically pings carefully selected RSS and blog syndication websites to inform them you have new content.

These sites display your content linking back to your website - increasing your search engine rankings

We will even fix it so that your visitors can share your articles on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and other networking media
Comes with numerous themes to match your website designs



Add Google Analytics From The Back Office

google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics helps you track your traffic FREE and see exactly where your traffic is coming from and lots of other information to optimize your marketing campaigns.

This powerful feature is powered by Google.

From your back office, you just need to paste the code you get from Google to start tracking and analyzing visitors that visit your website.

This helps to put your marketing dollar where you get the highest returns.


Create Separate Admin Accounts

If you have admin assistants or partners, you can create separate admin accounts and limit the features you want them to access from the back office.

This way, you maintain full admin control while sharing your website administration and marketing control for maximum productivity.

Collects Testimonials On Your Website

Easily add testimonialsYour real estate investor website allows your happy sellers and private money lenders to submit testimonials to you directly on your web site, including their picture.

You can then activate the testimonial from your admin panel (back office).

Likewise, you can add testimonials directly from your virtual back office.


Attracts Bird Dogs

If you pay referrals for closing on deals they have brought to you, you are likely to have more deals than you can handle.

Most motivated sellers know another motivated seller. If you make it worth their while, they will send you their friends - and more money to the bank.

Your web site gives you the option to activate this feature.

When all is said and done, your website attracts and follows up with leads and prospects to convert them to motivated sellers and closed deals.

11 Reasons Why You Need This Web Site
Created specifically for real estate investing by real estate investors
There's nothing generic; it's all laser targeted for real estate investing. And comes pre-loaded with all the content, forms, Ebooks and autoresponders you need to start running your business from your real estate investor website right away.
Simple to manage - even if you are new to computers
You will get database-driven real estate investing web site controlled from a virtual back office. The front end is free of any maintenance.

If you can type, point and click, you can run your business from these web sites!
It interacts with your target visitors - delivering results
The ability to interact with visitors is a must in a modern web site.

Your real estate investing web site engages motivated sellers, potential buyers, private money investors or any leads and collects the information you want and saves it in the database. And of course you get notified by email instantly.

And when you are selling, it allows you and your visitors to share your properties on social networking media such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and others.

Even if you do not use these sites, your friends (buyers, sellers and real estate investors) will share them with their friends in the same media – resulting to a quick sale. Most real estate investors today share their properties on these media.

The integrated Wordpress Blog allows you to add content and publish articles right on your website.
It comes fully optimized for search engines targeting your local market
When you receive your real estate investing web site, it is fully optimized to target your local market on the search engines.

And we provide you with simple instructions of what you need to do to get to the top quickly - some additional simple steps only you can do to give you a commanding position on the search engines that should deliver more closed deals.
It tells your story for you even before you pick up the phone, pre-negotiates and pre-sells for you
Like it or not, we live in the Internet age. Every person in America has access to the internet and expect every legitimate business to have a web site.

Your real estate investing web site comes with time-tested converting copy that plants that crucial seed of trust to your motivated sellers, house buyers or private money lenders, making your business more productive, efficient, fun and easy to run.
Delivered Ready-For-Business today

You will get a complete, professional looking, Ready-For-Business real estate investor website today.

You can make changes, but you receive it ready to go!
Save Time & Money
The time you spend to acquire a new property - talk to the seller, see the house, make an offer, etc, will be drastically reduced by automation and efficient handling of sellers, buyers and lenders saving you untold time and money.

Likewise, the time you use to sell your properties will be drastically reduced.

Your real estate investors web site will automate and streamline most of your repetitive day-to-day investing tasks and by give you the tools you need to run and manage a successful real estate investing business
Make More Doing Less
Your increased efficiency will allow you to make better use of your time and focus on building your business.

Your real estate investors web site takes off most of the load off your shoulders and makes you a more efficient investor - making you more money!
Eliminate Tire Kickers

People trust companies with web sites - they are more real and provide more information than a simple phone call. It's even better than a physical address.

It will create that all-important element of trust and confidence crucial for motivated sellers to sell their house to you or cash investor to invest money in your business
Automate It, Delegate It, Or Delete It
A quick look at any deal coming through your real estate investing web site will quickly tell you if it's a deal or not - then decide to delete the time wasters, cut a deal now, automate follow-ups or delegate many of these responsibilities to others
Gain Instant Credibility

People trust companies with web sites - they are more real and provide more information than a simple phone call. It's even better than a physical address.

It will create that all-important element of trust and confidence crucial for motivated sellers to sell their house to you or cash investor to invest money in your business


Bonus 1: How To Pre-Screen Motivated Sellers Hands-Off
This report will save you untold number of hours that you would otherwise spend talking to motivated sellers and not so motivated sellers of deals you might never buy.
$$$ Invaluable!
It's a blow-by-blow how to action content packed report that tightens all the nuts and bolts for successful investors
The 3 simple elements your real estate investing business must have - or it's dead
Simple tricks in your marketing materials that delivers pre-screened and pre-negotiated deals right to your inbox instead of some cold "lead" on the phone.
I'll even let you use some of my most successful marketing materials at no extra charge!

And a lot more...


$$$ Invaluable!

Bonus 2: How To Dominate Local Search Engine Results

This report alone will probably bring you lots of closed deals to your real estate investing business.

Have you ever thought about what being number one on Google, Bing and Yahoo local search listings can do for your business?

When you buy and sell houses, most likely you target your local market region. What if you were the first person these motivated sellers and house buyers find on the search engines in your target market?

Maybe a continuous flow of business and deals...

Most (if nor all) real estate investors never employ these techniques, so getting a top ranking position on the search engines on your local market is easier than you think.

How would you like for motivated sellers and buyers to always find you on the internet and send business your way for free?

A few simple things you must do in order to appear on local searches in the top search engines in just a few days
How to claim a top or commanding position in local searches for the keywords that deliver business in your niche
Must-have simple tweaks to your real estate investing web site that you can do yourself to maintain a visible or commanding presence in your local target market

And a lot more...

What About Hosting?

Limited Time Hosting Offer - Turbo Hosting For Real Estate Investors

Use the coupon code SAVE to save 50% on hosting.

That is $64.50 / Year for unlimited hosting! Only applicable to yearly hosting.

This translates to just over $5/month.

Note: Domain registration is not included in this discount

This is a special unlimited web hosting package specifically for real estate investors web sites with all the resources you need to run your real estate investing business successfully without any worries. No long-term hosting commitments!

Space: Unlimited

Bandwidth: Unlimited

FTP Accounts: Unlimited

Email Accounts: Unlimited


This is a truly unlimited plan. Even though you may find "unlimited" hosting out there, in most cases it's severely limited to protect other customers hosted on the same server.

We understand the needs of real estate investors - hence we do not impose constraints that may hinder smooth running of your business like other hosts do.

Hosting FAQ:

Why would I host my website with you and not other hosting companies?

Squeeze Pages Stable company and network:-
We have been in the hosting business for almost 15 years. When you host with us, you can rest assured that your website and business will have an uninterrupted online presence.

Squeeze Pages Maintenance and upgrades:-
Secondly, we can easily maintain and upgrade your website easily if you are hosted on our servers.

Squeeze Pages No server limitations:-
You will never have to worry about server limitations. If you can think of it as a limitation, it does not exist on our servers.

Do I have full control of my web site?
Yes, once we install and deliver your real estate investors web site, we ask you to change the back office login so only you have access to it. In case you forget the login, the password reminder feature on your web site will send it to you.

Likewise, you can change your FTP like any hosting account. The web site and the data belong to you - and we offer you full control and privacy.

How come you charge for hosting separately?
Sometimes you may have an existing website hosted elsewhere and need to upgrade to use our websites. We can install your website on your hosting account. Some conditions may apply; see below.

Are there any hidden fees?
None. Once you get this website, you own it for life with free support and upgrades.

Other companies can offer a trial period but then force you to pay a monthly subscription fee. This quickly adds up to hundreds or thousands of dollars!

And if you cannot pay the monthly fees, you lose everything. If the website company goes down, you go down with it.

What if I have my hosting account?
Your website can be installed on your current hosting account as long as it meets system requirements. It is important to understand that even if your website can be successfully installed, server limitations imposed by your host may interfere with smooth operation of your website.

Lots of websites out there are simple informational websites that have little to no interactivity.

This is an interactive website that interacts with your visitors, with your prospects and buyers including sending emails, autoresponders and automated tasks, generating offers, PDFs, reports, etc. For this reason, it must be hosted on a server that does not impose restrictions. Unfortunately, you can only know of a server limitation once you stumble upon it, your hosting company website, profile or reviews will never cover this.

Please note that we have no control over your hosting account, and we cannot take resposibility for server related limitations that may hinder smooth operation of your website.

So, unless you understand HOSTING, do not order a hosting account from another company before you contact us

System requirements:
MySQL5 / PHP 5, should support ioncube and have php configuration allow_url_fopen set to "on". It should also support script automation such as cron jobs for autoresponder automation.

If your current web site resides on a windows server, please consider switching to host with us for full web site capability. Not all windows hosts have the ability to automate scripts, so auto-responders and other automated tasks will not work.


Money Back Guarantee

Our exclusive, iron clad, no wiggle room, simple straight-forward guarantee

Basically, I guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your Real Estate Investors Web Site.

You are getting a state of the art real estate investing automation system designed by investors for investors.

We understand your needs because we are in the same business and we are sure you will love it.

If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, let me know within the first 60 days and I'll refund all your money.

I am so confident that you will love the increased business that you will come back to us when you need a different type of real estate investing web site.

Frankly there's no way I could afford to do this unless I was darn sure you will love it. Which I am.

Take note, there is no fine print here, no little asterisk marks like this (*) with footnotes in tiny type. No "weasel clauses". No attorney language.

While nobody can guarantee anyone that you will make a profit...

I guarantee your total satisfaction. Period.

The risk is mine, you take all the benefits

That is my guarantee

OK... How Much?


A simple 5-page design with no content regularly costs over $600. A single database-driven web site like this should cost at least $2500.

But we offer a lot more than "5 pages". Your website will have no limits. You can freely have as many pages as are practical for your business.

The regular price for one web site is $595. If you order today, you will get the special offer below.

$595 $395 $295


Click Here To Order Securely

Play the video below to see how much you save Play the video below

This special will be taken down at any time. Only the first few action takers will lock it in at this special price; in any case, you might not find it at this price beyond

These Real Estate Investors Web Sites have taken several years of development. We have paid attention to every little detail to produce the most comprehensive and simplest real estate investing automation system there is today.

Whether you're a newbie real estate investor with a burning desire to succeed, or a veteran toiling hard in this uncertain house market, this will be your gateway to a serious shot to rake in big profits while working less, spending much less money, time and effort even if you are technologically challenged.

Even better: You will also get your hands on some of my most successful marketing pieces that drive my leads to my web site rather than the phone - and some inside scoop on how to get motivated sellers pre-screen themselves even before you ever talk to them!